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Here Are 3 Online Ticketing Marketplaces You Can Use If You Do Not Have a Website

Is this happening to you? You have an event management organization. It is on its startup status. You are suffering from teething problems. Your budget is still low. Fortunately, you secured an opportunity to plan an event. It is your first job. So, you want to give it all to ensure you not only please the client but also use it to brand your company. At this stage, selling tickets online is the best idea. However, you do not have a website. Also, starting a new website will give you a hard time trying to market and brand it. This tactic may not work well for your first job. Now, you are wondering whether you can find online places where you can sell tickets without any difficulties. If you’re experiencing this situation, you’re in the right place. Here are 3 online ticketing marketplaces you can use without requiring a website.


Viagogo is a leading ticket online marketplace. This platform allows you to sell tickets for multiple events. Whether you are selling tickets for a festival, sports, concerts, party, or theater, Viagogo is the best place. The platform enables you to choose your country or region. Also, you can receive payment in different currencies. Your customers won’t have to convert their local currency to American dollars. Again, when you do a Google search, Viagogo lies in the first position. Hence, it means that the site receives high traffic. So, when you use it for ticket selling, you gain from the traffic making your online marketing hassle-free.

Vivid Seats

The next top ranking online ticketing marketplace is Vivid Seats. This platform understands your inability to pay hefty fees for listing your tickets. Thus, Vivid Seats allows you to list your tickets for free. Also, you do not have conditions on the price or quantity of tickets you can sell. You can alter these aspects at any time. Hence, if a shoestring budget is a reason for failing to sell tickets online, you do not have any excuse. Vivid Seats is the place for you.


Billetto is the next online ticket marketplace. This platform enables you to create and launch your event. Then, you leave ticket selling task to them. All you need is entering details about your event organization description and image. Upon this, you publish it and start selling tickets. Also, you have an alternative to signup with your Facebook account. The good idea is that the process is simple and direct.

Now, you do not have a reason for not selling tickets online.