Details of our 2022 Breeding Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Details of our 2022 Breeding Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We are excited to announce our first breeding/kidding season here at

Willow Bay Naturals - a small, closed herd. CAE tested. Located in Eastern Ontario

You can read about the steps we took to get to this breeding day here.

Here is the amazing Buck: (Courtesy of Giffens Glade)

Turtlewood SO Zeta

DOB: January 29, 2020

Registration #: D158375

Sire: Sun Catcher Orion VG88 (USA)

Dam: Turtlewood CC Authentic Beauty

Progeny Record: 2021 - 1 doelings, 3 bucklings Temperament: Zeta is very shy but a very sweet little guy. He has the cutest bleats. ​ Body: So far he is nice and long and wide with correct legs and feet. ​ Pedigree's Udder: Highly attached, capacity and large teats. Very milky. ​ His Kids: Beautifully blended. Very sturdy. ​ Genes: Colour- is genetically one lighter buckskin allele and one darker buckskin allele. Eye- has one blue eye allele and one brown eye allele. Horned- has two horned alleles.


DOB: Apr 7, 2020

Registration #: D156992

Sire: Sacred Grove JK Cafe Latte

Dam: Furthur SMB Promised Land, 'Penny'

Dam's Udder: Penny has smoothly blended udder. Her teats are very small and her capacity was not as expected but improved slightly with her second freshening. Fore udder could also be improved and a higher udder would be nice. She milked 3 cups full as a second freshener. Temperament: Mimzie is quiet and shy but super sweet and loves her treats and scratches, loves to please. ​ Sire Pedigree's Udders:

Larger teats and orifices. Highly attached. Nice medial tears ​ Genes:

Colour- Mimzie has a gold (white) allele and one gold allele

Eye- Mimzie has two brown eye alleles.

Horned - Mimzie has two horned alleles.

Inbreeding Coefficient: 0.126% with Turtlewood SO Zeta


DOB: Apr 27, 2020

Registration #: D156993

Sire: Turtlewood KM Caspian Rune

Dam: Brandson Acres Hope, 'Nila Temperament: Stella is very social and vocal. She loves attention especially if treats are involved, a bit of a show off, and definitely the leader, she's gives us much entertainment.


Colour- Stella has 2 black alleles

Eye- Stella has 1 blue and 1 brown eye alleles.

Horned - Stella has two horned alleles. ​ Dam's Udder: Nila has a nice first feshener udder. She has a nice medial, large teats and orifices as well as teat placement. Her udder is extremely soft. Her attachments could use some improvements as well as capacity and her foreudder. Nila milked 3 cups when full as a first freshener.

Sire Pedigree's Udders: Dam is one of three 1st Nigerian Dwarf does in Canada to earn her Milk Star, is a Finished Permanent Champion, and is the first Nigerian Dwarf doe in Canada to become Select Doe.

Inbreeding Coefficient: 0.733% with Turtlewood SO Zeta

We will be accepting applications for Stella and Mimzies kids beginning Jan 3, 2022. Join our wait list here.

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