Willow Bay Naturals

Willow Bay Naturals is a woman-owned business dedicated to creating all natural soap, body, and home care products. Perfect for anyone looking for eco-friendly alternatives free from harmful artificial fragrance and colouring in their skincare products. Our product range includes natural soy blend luxurious wood wick candles that provide a soothing and relaxing ambiance in your home.

We understand the importance of living an eco-friendly lifestyle, and we are committed to choosing zero-waste packaging over traditional materials once used in the past. This practise is implemented in each aspect of our business model including ordering, shipping, marketing and making.

Good for the Earth. Great for your skin.

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    "Our body products are free of artficial fragrance & colour ..."

    Our Natural Way 

    "We choose Non-GMO Soy, RSPO Palm, Fair Trade Cocoa and Shea Butter..."

    Our Responsibilities 

    "Alternative Packaging, Biodegradable, Recyled, Repurposed, Refills, Earthub Discounts."

    Our Dedication