Our Story

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Willow Bay Naturals is a tiny family run homestead with a huge passion for creating natural soap, body and home care products. 

From our small natural homestead, we prioritize the health of both you and the planet. Our body products are made with only pure, responsibly sourced ingredients that are free from harmful artificial fragrances and colorants. Many of the ingredients we use are grown on our very own homestead in Canada and are certified organic. In keeping with our eco-friendly values, we choose fair trade and sustainable ingredients and take care to use minimal packaging that is friendly to the environment. Our marketing materials are also printed with the same green philosophy in mind. By operating without a physical storefront, we are able to limit our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment."

Good for the Earth - Great for your skin!
The story goes back over 10 years ago when the founder, Kristina, started making natural alternatives to household products due to her oldest child's asthma triggered by common cleaning products.
At the same time she was beginning patio gardens of heirloom veggies & herbs in their small urban backyard. She was learning at that time how essential oils could help in the garden and improve wellness. Little did she know, just a few years laters, she would create a natural skincare line inspired by her love for health & nature.
Fast forawrd to 2018, their family moved to Rideau Lakes area after finding the perfect natural get away. After a busy day of work, they would carpool home and 
spend the late afternoons exploring the area, and doing odd jobs around the homestead that was just in its infancy.
As an essential healthcare worker, it was business as usual for Kristina, except that there wasn't going to be weekend markets. George continued home renovations.  Kristina became very ill in the fall - thinking it was just the flu, she tried brushing it off. over 2 years later - she has never regained her normal health. Testing would later show an autoimmune disease that now causes her to struggle with the easiest day to day tasks she once took for granted.
Despite her health challenges and physical limitations,  her passion for nature, skin and home care keeps her spirits high. George by her side, whom has become the physical maker/homesteader behind Willow Bay Naturals.


Willow Bay Naturals  - Our Name

Discover the hidden gem of Willow Bay, where history and nature come together in perfect harmony. Immerse yourself in the story of a conservationist who took on the challenge of reviving the native flora and fauna of this breathtaking property. Marvel at the transformation as he planted hundreds of diverse trees and allowed the natural shoreline to reclaim its place. Pay homage to the fallen Willow tree, whose roots still run deep, nurturing new growth and new beginnings. Be inspired by its legacy as you watch the thriving willow cuttings scatter across the land, giving rise to a thriving oasis of beauty and conservation. Experience the wonder of Willow Bay, a truly extraordinary little slice of paradise.

Our online store shows available products we have taken care to raise, grow, and create! Good for the Earth. Great for your skin.