Indigo Candle

Indigo Candle

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Blueberry, sage and patchouli - A unique and refreshing blend of sweet and earthy notes.

The top notes dominated by the sweet and fruity scent of blueberry, giving the fragrance a bright and juicy opening. As the fragrance settles, the middle notes of fresh sage come to the forefront, lending an herbaceous and green quality that balances out the sweetness of the blueberry.

Finally, the base notes of patchouli emerge, providing a warm and earthy foundation to the fragrance. The patchouli also adds a subtle hint of muskiness that rounds out the overall scent profile.

Overall, this candle is perfect for someone who loves fruity scents but wants something more complex and sophisticated. The combination of blueberry, sage, and patchouli creates a unique and memorable scent that is perfect for any occasion.

Clean burning with Coco-Soy Beeswax, wood wicks, pure essential oils and fragrance (free of phthalate, paraben, lyral, and lilial).





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